12 / 11 / 2019 | 06:16
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Abrasives specially designed for pavement: high performance

Abrasives specially designed for pavement: high performance


  • Three formats: H with draining cavities, D solid for hard rough jobs, Top for fine finishing and delicate pavements
  • Two sizes: Regular and Mini
  • Two bases: Cement for roughing, resin for finishing
  • More comfortable. Segment changing and fixing without tools or glue
  • Long duration plates. There isn't any friction which erodes the edges of the plate
  • The BLOCK segments reach the edge of the plate
  • Easy identification. The abrasive grain is engraved in the reverse
  • Abrasive long duration. Only high quality materials are used
  • Better finishing and performance. The working base is big to obtain a good finishing but the small working surface increases the pressure
  • H BLOCK. Symmetric draining cavities which keep the performance qualities in both turning directions
  • Available BLOCK plate for roughing polishers R and Brightening rotary machines M
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