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Automatic scrubbers for offices, big areas or any other application

Automatic scrubbers for offices, big areas or any other application


A 13 75, A18 82, A 24 102

  • Tank made of rot moulded polyethylene
  • Starter key
  • High and constant pressure on brushes and aspiration nozzle
  • Total stability even with fully loaded machine
  • Steering wheel
  • High capacity tank
  • Easy-to-clean aspiration filter without tools
  • Aspiration engine stop system with fully loaded tank
  • Realy thermal protectors
  • Boomerang shape aspiration nozzle
  • Electrically operated valve
  • Anti-foam device in the recuperation tank
  • Automatic speed control
  • It automatically reduces the speed while operating with the driving wheel (except A-13)
  • Easy access to all maintenance elements
  • Deep drawing traceless wheels (super flexible polyurethane)
  • Reverse drive speed
  • Control elements are separated from power elements


Viudez Puerta


Automatic scrubber driers: they scrub and dry fast with very few effort. In just one operation, they scrub the pavement using clean water once and then vacuum cleaning the dirty water, getting a superb neatness. These two functions are integrated in just one single operation which doesn't need the operator's effort, avoiding monotony and typical injures produced when hand-scrubbing.

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