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Classic high quality polishing machines with the best performance

Classic high quality polishing machines with the best performance


R 55, R 75

  • Aluminium cast tank
  • Wide filling opening with anti-splashing lid
  • Rubber padded steering-wheel
  • Maximum strength
  • Header with rubber-spring flexor
  • Aluminium cast chassis
  • Adjustable wheel height with worm gear handle
  • 310 mm plate with BLOCK abrasive serial anchoring system  
  • Long chassis
  • Maintenance-free asynchronous motor
  • Security stop, installation IP 55, Operating at 24 V
  • Installation and motor thermal protection
  • Start button
  • Rotation direction selector
  • Voltage selector 220 III / 380 III
  • EC regulation
  • Twelve-month guarantee


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Classic is the quality that defines what is a reference among its equals due to its unique characteristics as time goes by. The series R, designed in the 60's, is the reference among the polishers, whose design has only changed in some details due to the incorporation of new materials or regulations. Most of the machines manufactured in these 40 years keep on working and functioning as the first day.

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