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  • 25 / 11 / 2008

New M-500 V

VIUDEZ PUERTA, S.L. presents the new M-500V, the first single disc machine suplied with inverter (155-300 r.p.m).

Characteristics                              Units       M 500 V  

Power                                             hp/kW           3/2.1
Voltage/Ampere                                 V/A          220 /12.7
Frequency                                          Hz               50
Disc speed                                        r.p.m.         155-300
Disc diameter                                     mm          500 (530*)
Weight                                                kg              63
Dimensions                                        mm         555x650x1255

* Diameter of the plate with metallic plate

  • 27 / 03 / 2012

    New Satellite Grinding and Polishing Machine S-425

    VIUDEZ PUERTA, S.L. presents a new Satellite Grinding and Polishing machine. A machine that works with 220 V.

    S-425 it is powered by inverter tecnology. The inverter allows to work in places with lower current. The electrical cabinet reachs IP54 and the ventilation system is located ...

  • 29 / 08 / 2011

    New C-V-A Viudez Finishing Crystallizer liquid.

    VIUDEZ PUERTA, S.L. presents his new C-V-A Viudez Finishing Crystallizer, a new generation crystallizer.

    The new C-V-A is distinguish by its fast application. It is an easy use cristallizer avoiding stains and defects on the floor finishes.

    C-V-A creates a finish with high shine, ...

  • 22 / 06 / 2011


    The last May 2011 Viudez Puerta, S.L. we meet at last fair edition Construmat 2011.

    We would like to thank your assistance to the edition, your visit to our booth helping, to the succes of event.


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